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 "To create a professional product with professional heart!" Henan Hengsheng coating equipment factory was founded in 2008, is a collection research and development, design, production and sales of electrostatic powder spraying machine, electrostatic spray gun, high voltage module, circuit board, stainless steel powder, powder pump and the formation of various types of coating production line of professional manufacturers. Come a few years "Hana" brand electrostatic spraying machine gallop painting field, the spirit of brand leader, continuous innovation, technology first, quality refinement, optimize the management, the purpose of advancing with the times, to provide the best solution from the point of view of professional and high quality service for each customer areas, to meet the different needs of customers, won the recognition of the broad masses of customers continuously, for customers to create the most assured products.

Our factory is mainly to develop high-tech electrostatic spraying and conveying equipment, in recent years the share of the market leader in the domestic paint industry, hardware application of successful products in home appliances, hardware, electronic control equipment, communication equipment, instrument and meter, auto manufacturing, electronic information industry, motorcycle, aluminum profile, furniture, toy, household appliances, cookware, sports goods, each industry and plastic industry, Hengsheng coating is willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad and social integrity from all walks of life, create brilliance. ((24 h Tel 18639591698 coke manager))

The main products are:

Electrostatic powder spraying machine, the built-in high voltage static generator, electrostatic powder spray gun, high voltage module, circuit board, coating powder pump, (Venturi) for powder barrels, automatic reciprocating machine, automatic recovery system, electrostatic mixed control cabinet, liquid electrostatic generator, the formation of various coating production line


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